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My Background

I've loved taking photos since I was in Middle school. I Found my outlet in art class which was also turned to taking photographs in my spare time. However, I did not really dive strong into photography until I gave Birth to my son Mason in 2013. I wanted to be a mom who captured the memories as I am a child with not so many frozen moments captured myself. I began to really self teach myself and bought my first "Big Girl Camera" with more then an AUTO function. I took some photography classes at Kirkwood and did a few online with some amazing photographers. I continue to build myself and my work everyday since.  

Why Boudoir?

Well, I am guilty of being a woman who has allowed others to decide who I was. What I should look like and how i should act. I was taunted and teased from my peers in school for a very long time. I hated who I was enough to where I though ending my life was the only option. Thankfully I did not succeed, and thankfully I found my outlet with photography. When I found out Boudoir Photography was even a thing it intrigued me. I needed to know what it was and why people do it. So I found my first model to pose for me and we did our thing and I LOVED IT! I even put myself in front of the camera and LOVED the way i felt after seeing myself in another light. Boudoir Photography and helping women discover their worth is truly a blessing.  For me, i have learned that boudoir is loving yourself, accepting your imperfections and all that comes with being a woman. It's about celebrating being unique... Being YOU. I could not ask for a better and more rewarding job than this {Besides being a momma).

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